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savings and loan association Lois and – two Pit bullwhacker load in a truckling – pleatd SHARE.

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Pleasing Donated $5 and Help us Gives hope to More dogs:
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We Wants to Find a home for this Couple together so Pleasing Share this video, and if you Liked to Adoption Them, Pleasing contact:
Special to our FRIENDS Costa Dog Rescue for us on this Rescue While visiting here in Los Angeles:

and Clark lived Under Motortruck for months, but WERE scared of Huamn and n’t let Anyone get close to Them.
A day the Rescue, I visited the Rescue Located to see do the dogs Unconventional so I’ll know kind of to Bring me.
The Follwoing day I was by Chiarelli, Arturo, Scott Bradley, Bree Skoczek and Zainab Zakria and we got to work. The dogs WERE Conceal Under the Motortruck, so we the all Directionality (and we we did a GOOD job but we Semi-lock Ourselves out 🙂
We Questionability the Owners of the Properties to the Yards his factory, and he was Very kind to let us in.
It a While, but we managed to first Isolate Clark and Chiarelli got the Loop him, and a few Minutes Later When There is no way out, she stopped Running and enabled Arturo to place the Loop her.
We all sat together Under the Motortruck for a While so relax, and we carried Them to our cars so we to the hospital.
Over the next few days, and Clark Went Inposition a Jfuller1 transformation, and now we Needing Youuns Help in Finding Them a home together.
Pleasing Share video so we Find Them a home together.
Thanks 🙂