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You may visit the Sanctuary at 17-382 13 Mile Rd, Kurtistown, HI 96760

Our Adoption Specialist Camille can be reached at (808) 896-4951

Mary Rose can be reached on site by text at (808) 494-8700

Our email is : mail@rainbowfriends.org

Kurtistown Sanctuary Animals


Astrid is a sweet and loving pittie who loves pets and playing with stuffie toys. She’s about 3.5 years old and loves all people. Astrid also loves to go for walks. She would best as an only pet. He tail is always wagging as she’s happy to see everyone!


Is a beautiful neutered hound mix. He had fun with Kea at agility class.

Our star volunteer Lynn Morrison was asked about her relationship with Akaka.

Lynn tells us about Akaka and Reuben;

Akaka was the only pup out of his litter of 12 that was not adopted. He is very bonded to Reuben who he has shared an enclosure with for the last 3 yrs. I have been their friend for the last 4 yrs visiting them almost once a week. Both dogs are excellent with kids. For the last 6 months, another volunteer and I have taken them to agility training where we do basic training too. Reuben can now do a 12-14 obstacle course. He loves to work and bonds easily with the humans that love him. Akaka needs a bit of help to focus and is shy but once he is used to you, he too is very affectionate. They are both high jumpers. I think each dog could be adopted on their own but I think Akaka would do better in a home with another dog.


This sweet girl will give you infinite smiles with her wiggle skills. This chunky gal is a people magnet, who will be your best friend from the second you meet her. Gunner spent an unknown time at animal control before coming to the sanctuary about a year and a half ago. She would do best in a home as the only pet, or with a certain Gunner approved male dog. She is beautiful, not easy with some other dogs, spayed, stunning, on video movie clip. Loves all people, always excited to see you.


Jimmy is a supermodel, he loves to bask in the sun and daydream, go for walks and get pets. He is neutered, light brown, would be best as an only dog, not good with small dogs, cats or any smaller animals. He is a hound mix, playful, appreciative, such a sweet boy! Jimmy is neutered.


An appropriate name for this stylin’ dog! 007 is a lovely dog who clearly likes tweens. He did not go after other dogs, cats, chickens, pigs, peacocks, but he has his boundaries. As such, he would do best as a solitary animal in a home. He is highly responsive, fairly good on leash, and a cool dog!! 007 loves to sleep under his bed. He is a hound mix, neutered.

Medium to Large Male

AZ Humane Society 1/24/23 Transfer


This boy would be a perfect companion for a family with an active lifestyle that likes to go on adventures. Kea is great with dogs and kids, but was likely a past hunting dog so does enjoy chasing cats and chickens. He is neutered, a jumper, greyhound, whippet mix. He is playful, appreciative, and attends agility training. See Kea in action in the video below.


This spayed girl is a gorgeous Pittie mix, with lots of love to give to the right home. She is totally people friendly, but struggles with other animals. She is not good with cats and chickens. Angel loves to fetch and knows sit on command. She’s a sucker for belly rubs. Angel is really hoping her person is out there looking for her.

AZ Humane Society 1/24/23 Transfer


Ikaika came to the sanctuary about two years ago with his brother Scott. He’s so happy for his brother who got adopted, but he’s getting lonely now and hoping there’s a home out there for him too. Ikaika is a happy go lucky guy who will likely get along with your other dogs. He’s playful enough to have some fun, but also would like to just hangout on the couch. He is enthusiastic, appreciative, easy, neutered, hound Hawaiian poi.


Zeke was abandoned at the vet with his sister. His owner wanted them both put down since his sister had a tumor and the owner was moving to the mainland. Rainbow Friends said no way. Zeke is such a unique boy with a goofy personality. He was recently neutered and is not dog-reactive. He met a cat and was indifferent.

California Foster Fly Out 12/29/22


California Foster Fly Out 01/08/23



Reuben is a fabulous male, 5 year old, neutered, Retriever/Labrador. Reuben excels in agility training.

Reuben was found up Saddle Road by Kaumana Caves on his own. He came in to Rainbow sometime around 2019. He is probably about 5 yrs old. He was paired with puppy Akaka in 2019, Akaka is extremely bonded to Reuben.

Reuben does great with kids. He has not been around a lot of dogs, but does well in group outings walking with other dogs.

Reuben is happy, energetic, and dignified. He has a very dignified walk. He has concentrated loyalty in his eyes. Reuben is one of those really special, stellar dogs.

Reuben wants to please his human. And he loves his stuffies and rope toys to play with but rarely has anyone to abide him.

Reuben’s athletic prowess can be a problem. However, he only escapes to be with his humans, not to cause problems.

Reuben can scale vertical walls like he has had Navy Seal training. When we built a special enclosure for he and Akaka, we thought the 8-ft fencing could contain them. They loved their new space that allowed them to run. We hid in the trees to make sure they could not get out and within seconds of being out of sight, Reuben scaled the fence using the chain link as foot holds and leaped right over with the red yahoo Akaka trailing after him.

Reuben has the potential to really focus, so agility is a good thing for him, and he really wants to please, so putting him in situations where he can do so is good for him.


Pua has eyes that stare right into your soul saying please take me home! Knows sit and shake. Pua says you’re never too old for toys. Would do best in a home as the only animal or with a certain Pua-approved boy dog. Has gone through two surgeries for blood tumors and has taken both like a champ. Nothing brings her down.



AZ Humane Society 12/27/22 Adopted



Oreo is an 11 year old large male neutered Mixed Breed. He is a big hunk of love, who would be perfect for someone looking for a couch potato. He’ll comfort you when you are sad and put a smile on your face with his goofy grin. He came back to us from a home where he was much loved but one day showed too much interest in the landlady’s peacocks. His adopter was very sad and hopes he will soon find a forever home without peacocks. He is not good with cats, chickens or small dogs.


Joe has been at the sanctuary for over 2 years! He is about 6 to 7 years old. He’d likely adapt easily to an indoor home and totally own the couch. He is always so happy to see people who come to visit or take him on a walk. Joe is not good with cats or chickens.


Chico is a stunning dog who is great with kids, other dogs, cats, and chickens. This young dog is SO EAGER to please, he can already sit when asked. He is still exuberant on leash as he projects all his happiness at just being with you!! LOOK AT THAT FACE – CHICO IS SAYING “I’M HAPPY TO MEET YOU! LET’S HAVE SOME FUN”! This lovebug was left tied to the gate along with his brother last fall. His teeth and skin give evidence of his neglect. Despite his abandonment, he is a confidant dog who is not jaded by his past experiences. Each day is a new day for Chico and he is rarin’ to go!!


Brie is a 5 year old, spayed female. She is an active girl looking for a family adventures. She has given every dog she meets kisses all over their face, whether they like it or not. She’ll bring endless fun and laughs to a family. Brie is not fond of cats or chickens.


Cheri is a 9 year old female. She is a spayed Terrier/American Pit Bull mix. Cheri is a happy go lucky older gal, who would love an indoor home. She is mellow and dog friendly. Just a no nonsense all around good dog.

AZ Humane Society 1/23/23 Transfer


This seven year old neutered boy will absolutely melt your heart. He was hit by a car before going to Animal Control, and then coming to us. He’s fully healed and has put on a few pounds (maybe more than a few but Isaias says hey what are the golden years for if not for chowing down). Isaias is dog friendly and enjoys the occasional game of fetch, but really just wants to snooze and cuddle with you in a home of his own. Isaias is not good with cats and chickens but is good with most female dogs.



Teebo is a 4 year old female, spayed Chow Chow. She wants to be treated like the princess she is. She loves being brushed and loved on. Teebo takes a little while to warm up to people, those are just her Chow instincts. Once she accepts you, she will be your most loyal companion, and is very sweet, therefore she needs to be the only pet. She doesn’t like to share. She is not good with children or other animals.


Huntah is a Terrier, American Pit Bull/Bulldog neutered male. He has a heart as big as he is. Loving and playful, behaved with children. A bit fearful of men at first, probably due to past trauma. Huntah loves meeting dogs at his fence and showing them his zoomie skills. He might do best as only animal in a home.

Foster 12/21/22


Stella is an 8 year old spayed female. She hopes her eyes don’t scare you away. She was likely left outside most of her life in an area overrun with fire ants. Stella is a belly rub loving girl. She is such a lover. She does have a bit of a Diva side around some female dogs, but most male dogs she does just fine with. She is not good with cats and chickens. This mellow older gal deserves a home with a comfy bed, after a life that hasn’t been easy at all.



AZ Humane Society 1/23/23 Transfer


Dimitri is a 4 year old, neutered pup. He’s always such a happy boy. He loves people and is good with other dogs. We are not sure how Dimitri feels about cats, chickens and small dogs. He would be a perfect family dog. He is dog friendly and loves belly rubs. We’ve never seen Dimitri without a smile on his face and tail wagging a mile a minute.

AZ Humane Society 12/21/22 Adopted


AZ Humane Society Fly Out 12/21/22 Adopted 12/26/22


AZ Humane Society 12/21/22 Adopted Jan 2023


AZ Humane Society 12/27/22 Adopted Jan 2023


Adopted 1/3/23

Big Boy

Adopted 1/24/23


Scrappy is a neutered male, medium Pit. He loves all people, gets along with dogs, LOVES belly rubs and will flop over immediately to get them. Scrappy is missing some teeth.


Squishy is a 9 year old, spayed female, Terrier/Pit Bull. Squishy needs to be the only animal in a home. She is not good with chickens, cats, sheep and small dogs.


Mohammad is a 7 year old, neutered male American Bulldog. He is not good with cats, chickens or small dogs or small children. He is a leash chewer…and likes to make faces.

AZ Humane Society 1/23/23 Transfer


Gaia is a 4 year old, Mixed Breed, spayed female.


Clint loves all people, but is questionable with other dogs. He would make a great running or hiking partner. He is a silly boy who loves to roll in the grass and also chew grass. he is about 7 and LOVES chin scratches and walks.


Varvara is a 4 year old Hound, Pharaoh. She is very shy but sweet, active and fast, we are unsure of her behavior with other animals.

AZ Humane Society 12/27/22 Adopted Jan 2023



Bully is a 9 year old Catahoula, Pit, Husky. He needs a family full of energy. Bully likes: Tug-o-war, fetch, long walks along the shore(with many stops to sniff), and receiving and giving lots of love.

Gunnar 2

Gunnar is a 5 year old neutered, black Labrador. Get is a very chill, loving dog that gets along with other dogs and cats. he knows how to sit, give paw, and loves to give kisses. He has some fire ant damage to one eye, but can see just fine.


Marie is a 4 year old, spayed female Cattle Dog/Mixed Breed. She would do best as the only animal in a home. Marie is reactive to other animals and small children. She loves adult humans.


Vai is so sweet. she is dog-friendly. Vai is not good with chickens, and we are unsure of cats. she would be a perfect family pet.


Foster Aloha Ilio

Olivia – is a beagle mix with such beautiful blue eyes. She is wary of people at first, and might shy away for a while. Once she gets to know you, her quirky personality will show. Olivia is dog friendly and deserves her chance at a furever home.


Sophie (white and brown) and Cody(dark brown) are best friends, and they have so much love to give. Sophie is a jumper, so she can sporadically jump because she gets so excited.

Sophie likes swimming. She is around 7 years old.

They are very sweet and would do well with people that either have a lot of land or like to run as they appreciate getting their energy out. They would be good with a family. For the first few months they will need attention and both could use some leash training. Volunteers have referred to them as “irresistible”!

We are not sure how they are with cats.


Sophie and Cody are best friends, and they have so much love to give. Cody is around 7 years old.

They are very sweet and would do well with people that either have a lot of land or like to run as they appreciate getting their energy out. They would be good with a family. For the first few months they will need attention and both could use some leash training. Volunteers have referred to them as “irresistible”!

We are not sure how they are with cats.