Aloha everybody in the community,

I saved Mary Rose’s life just by being small. I am the Boss of the Sanctuary where I rule

with my wisdom, humor, agility, smallness and love. Mary Rose saved me from being hit

with a 2 x 4 by some young boys, so I arrived at the Sanctuary bloody and with chronic

back issues.

The last 2 ½ years have been a great challenge for all of us at the Sanctuary because of

course the Corona pandemic, no events possible, less donations, volunteers could not

come and last year 2020/2021 during the Animal Control Contract we did not kill anybody,

took in hundreds of animals, spayed or neutered 4,605 animals in 10 months time (dogs,

cats, pigs, rabbits and cavies) thereby preventing about 30,000 little ones from being born.

We need your help to keep going and we appreciate any amount of money or of course

food donations are always appreciated.

You can visit our website and donate through the donate button

or send a check to PO Box 1259, Kurtistown, Hawai’i 96760.

Mahalo nui




Warm regards,

Mary Rose Krijgsman

Founder/ President