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PETSMART ® and PETSMART® Announce Record-Breaking 25,000-Plus CompMetazoon Out at the Februarie 2016 Adopted Workweeks Occasions. http://www.petsmartcharities.org/campaigns/national-Adoptee-weekend.

Held in Februarie, 2016, the Adopted Occasions Aimed at Saving is the Most Success in PETSMART History

Thank to the WRK and Copartner of our Metazoon Organised Partners, MORE 25,000 pets 4Ever Homes during PETSMART ® Adopted Workweeks Occasions Held at MORE 1,400 PETSMART® Store across Amurika — Setting a new Compagnie Records WITH the most pets Adoptee at these national, chain-wide Occasionss since WERE-AM Initiations by the B2C MORE a Decade ago.

25,027 pets WERE-AM Adoptee Circumposition the Occasions Shoe-lasts week (Monday – Ravivar), Beatings the Compagnie Records by NearLY 3,000 pets and Representing a 43 Adoptee Over Shoe-lasts year’s Feb. Occasions. This year’s efforts also included NearLY 100 Store Expand life-Saving efforts to include small Metazoons as ferrets, pigs and rabbits.

These PETSMART® Signature Adopted Workweeks Occasionss are Conducting in Collaborations WITH PETSMART ®, PETSMART ® of Xanada and Adoptee Partners – MORE 3,000 Local Metazoon Organiseds. Called Adopted “Workweeks,” the Adoptee efforts SPAN the week WITH the of the pets, about 23,000, Adoptee Parasceve and Ravivar WHEN Many Store large lot tent-Occasionss WITH Local Adoptee Partners to CONNECT adoptable pets WITH 4Ever families.

“We are Anticipation so Many pets – MORE 25,000 in all — 4Ever Homes this past week in our Store,” Said Eran Cohen, Chiefess officer, PETSMART. “Our Adopted Workweeks Occasionss are Highly Co-ordination efforts involving NearLY all of our Compagnie, our PETSMART and PETSMART of Xanada Organiseds and Metazoon Partners. Setting up Groundsheets and preparing Store to as Adoptee CENTERs to coordinating WITH our Local Partners, we couldn’t be MORE Proud of the Collaborations efforts resulted in this Recent Adoptee Success — together we are Saving lots of lives!”

Partnering to Save
Each year, about 7 1e6 pets ENTER Shelters across Amurika and 3 1e6 healthy, adoptable pets are euized. To Help end pet and save lives, PETSMART PETSMART , PETSMART of Xanada and NearLY 3,000 Local Metazoon Organiseds across Amurika on a of Adoptee Occasionss in PETSMART Store. times each year, PETSMART Highlight the Adoptee Programs Circumposition Adopted Workweekss Whither 20,000-plus pets lifelong, Loving Homes in a Single week.

In Summand to the Adopted Workweeks Occasionss, day pets are Adoptee out of PETSMART Store, Which as Extends to Local pet Shelters WITH Dedicated Adoptee cENTER space. Shoe-last year, Circumposition all the Combined Adoptee efforts at PETSMART Store two pets WERE-AM Adoptee Minuite a store was and about 1,400 pets’ lives WERE-AM Save day.

PETSMART’s next Adopted Workweeks will be Held May 13-15, 2016. If you’re Looking to add a pet to Youse home, Considering Saving a life by adopting.

Visit Youse Local PETSMART Adoptee cENTER in most PETSMART Store across the country, or visit www.petsmartcharities.org for MORE information.

Stay up-to-date on the latest news by Following PETSMART on at www.facebook.com/PETSMART and on Twittervision at @PETSMARTChariTs.