Adopt a Companion

Cats, Dogs, Kittens & Puppies

Our goal is to find permanent homes for the animals in residence. We encourage you to visit the sanctuary and get to know a potential companion, however, you may want to check out our animals and have a look at the available cats and dogs and contact us to schedule a visit.


Cats, Dogs, Kittens & Puppies

Sometimes we receive animals that are too young, sick or injured to be at the rainbow friends animal sanctuary. For those animals on special need we are looking for foster families who will care for them as long as it is needed. It requires a dedication to provide for the animal and give them love and affection, as well.

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Cats, Dogs, Kittens & Puppies

$20 a month for a cat $30 a month for a dog our adoption mission is for the animal to enjoy a better situation at your home then the accommodation we provide at the sanctuary. We don’t adopt out watch dogs or hunting dogs.

Minimum Sponsor donation: $30 for a dog $20 for a cat.