Rainbow Friends Animal Sanctuary

Waimea Shelter Vacating Need

A donor has read of the Waimea shelter plight and is offering to triple match, just $5000 from the community by August 31 2022! Any funds raised by the community will help with vacating costs/needs, finding temporary/permanent fostering & adoption solutions for the animals.

If you would like to make a contribution, click the button below…
Update 8/18/2022

We have reached our 5K Goal! A huge MAHALO to our triple matching campaign donors & the community. Our hearts are bursting with love & appreciation by all of your efforts, thoughtfulness, dedication & concern. We will continue to run this campaign till the end of this month. We are still in need of Fosters & Adopters to help in our vacating needs. We are down to 30 dogs who are still in need of forever homes.

Waimea Shelter Animals

Benji 2 – Adopted!

Found by a group of young people in Waimea after car accident. Accident driver left scene. Young people brought Benji 2 to Waimea Shelter


Champ, a little over a year-old Border Collie that loves to go on walks, he is currently looking for a companion that will love & care for him.

Adopt / Foster


Super shy at first until he gets to know you. Once he gets comfortable he is lovable. He loves treat time and is learning how to sit on command. He gets along well with other dogs and loves playing with them. He came from a family who had to move off island and couldn’t take him and his brothers Champ and Roo.

Adopt / Foster


Very shy. He is wary of being around people but make minimal contact with those who care for him. He plays really well with other dogs. He also loves treat time but will make sure his brother Buck is around him when he comes to take the treat.

Adopt / Foster


Jupiter – lab mix/ 3 years old/ fantastic dog/ playful and happy/ good house dog

Adopt / Foster


Piglet – buddy to Iowza/ terrier/ 2 years old/ neutered

Adopt / Foster


Iowza – buddy to Piglet/ 3 years old/ spayed/ lab/hound mix

Adopt / Foster


Gunner – Lab/Hound mix, 3 years old/ not good with some dogs – ok with others.

Adopt / Foster

Cowboy – Adopted!

Cowboy – lab mix – 2-3 years old/ strong/ neutered/ most likely not good with chickens – birds/


Jimmy, Male, neutered. Young. Not good with small dogs

Adopt / Foster


Young female. Very energetic, loves to run & play.

Adopt / Foster


Female, strong, jumper, not good with some dogs.

Adopt / Foster

Little Bear – Adopted!

Little Bear. Chi pom terrier, not altered & a bit shy.

Juno – Adopted!

Female, altered & just about healed from skin stuff. Whole coat returned! Waimea Climate has been very good for her. 6 years old.


Altered 8 yr old Border Collie. 

Adopt / Foster


Brown, super nice young dog, not altered.

Adopt / Foster


Playful 4 month old pup.

Adopt / Foster

Kohala – Adopted!

Shepard mix, brought into shelter August 2, 2022


Catahoula hound, playful, wonderful, not spayed yet, last heat 5 weeks ago.

Adopt / Foster


Rocket-Malia – bull mix, spayed, wonderful dog – fairly easy going.

Adopt / Foster

Kea AKA Sister Diesel

White whippet greyhound mix, not spayed. Easy going. Eye issues.

Adopt / Foster


terrier Jack Russel mix, not good with cats or chickens

Adopt / Foster


Assertive, not easy with some other dogs, hound mix, neutered.

Adopt / Foster


chihuahua terrier, spayed, very shy but super sweet. Shy but sweet girl. Came to us with 3 brothers but 2 were adopted and another passed from heart problems. Will be shy at first but will warm up to you once you gain her trust.

Adopt / Foster


Hound mix & kind of feral dog, neutered.

Adopt / Foster


Spayed, jumper, good together with Kea, Playful, appreciative, Not so great with chickens or any type of birds

Adopt / Foster


neutered, Lab mix, Tita is his sister, very good together.

Adopt / Foster


White whippet greyhound mix, not neutered. Easy going. Eye issues.

Adopt / Foster


Catahoula/Pit mix, young, not spayed yet, last heat 4 weeks ago.

Adopt / Foster


terrier mix, well adjusted now, came in with Little Bear who was adopted.

Adopt / Foster


Scott is brother, good together, playful, enthusiastic, appreciative, easy, neutered, hound Hawaiian poi.

Adopt / Foster


neutered, jumper, greyhound, whippet mix. Playful, appreciative,good together with Bambi

Adopt / Foster


Beautiful shepherd mix, Grew up with children and no other dogs. Neutered. Well adjusted now. At times might think he is a lap dog.

Adopt / Foster


Spayed, wonderful dog. Great around other dogs, very motherly with any new pups. She loves treats and anytime that she gets to eat. She was found on the highway heading out to Honokaa with wounds on her chest and a split tongue. She was nurtured and her wounds have healed up wonderfully and now she rocks a lizard tongue.

Adopt / Foster


Red heeler mix, very shy, neutered, long haired
Gets along well with other non aggressive dogs

Adopt / Foster


Ikaika is brother, good together, playful, enthusiastic, appreciative, easy, neutered, lab mix.

Adopt / Foster


Hound mix & kind of feral dog, spayed

Adopt / Foster


Spayed lab mix, medium-large/Braddah is her brother, they are very good together.

Adopt / Foster


Wonderful dog, spayed, easy going.Sweet younger hound/pit mix female. Very good housekeeping.

Adopt / Foster


Border Collie Mix, not neutered yet, easy going, found on highway.

Adopt / Foster

Whippet trio – Sally, Oscar & Lola

Not sterilized yet, wonderful but nervous nellies, good together. 

Sally – Smaller white w/blue eyes 2 years old. Takes a while to warm up to you but once she does, she is such a sweet girl.

Oscar – 1 year old White/Red

Came to us as a stray that was found in Paauilo totally emaciated and spooked. Now he is Very vocal, always hungry, has lots of energy, spunky, and loves belly rubs

Lola –  1 year White w/black eyes

Came to us also as a stray from Paauilo. Could possibly be sister of Oscar. Came in very shy and timid but now is very vocal and always excited to see new friends.

Adopt / Foster


Super dog, high jumper, neutered, needs companionship badly

Adopt / Foster


Very shy, loves playing with little toys. Prefers sleeping in closed areas (i.e. small nooks,  closet space, or a large box/pet carrier) for comfort.

Adopt / Foster


Hound mix, spayed. Difficult with some dogs. Medium brown dog.

Adopt / Foster