Double your Donation Fund! (6K)

Double the Donation Fund! (6K) Rainbow Friends Animal Sanctuary has been offered a charitable contribution in a form of a “Matching Gift” or “Dollar for Dollar.” This generous cause was sparked by two of RFAS own volunteer members who wish to remain Anonymous. Help our Sanctuary raise $6,000 and the sanctuary will be gifted an additional $6,000.

Veterinary Expenses

There are more than 300 animals in residence at the sanctuary. the daily care of such a large community, spaying and neutering, medical treatments, and all the other services provided by the sanctuary are a major expense. Just the veterinary bills can run to thousands of dollars a month. Rainbow friends solely relies upon contributions for its operations. Donations, small or large, in money, goods or services are greatly appreciated.

Animal Transport Fund

Rainbow Friends Animal Sanctuary will be assisting with Animal Transportation needs. Stay tuned for the latest updates and information about our Animal Transportation service.

We greatly appreciate your donations and hope that with this funding we can make this possible.


Rainbow Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kurtistown, Hawaii has been operating for 16 years and has adopted to loving homes thousands of dogs and cats. We started the sanctuary to give a home to the many homeless animals of Hawaii Island. We currently have 80 dogs and 250 cats in residence and many in foster homes. We have a foster program, an adoption program, a sponsor program and a home-care/ hospice program. As you can imagine, we have enormous veterinary and food bills.