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Update 9/8/22
We are still in need of Fosters & Adopters to help in our vacating needs. We are down to 25 dogs who are still in need of forever homes.
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Update 9/8/2022

We have reached our 5K Goal! A huge MAHALO to our triple matching campaign donors & the community. Our hearts are bursting with love & appreciation by all of your efforts, thoughtfulness, dedication & concern. We will continue to run this campaign till the end of this month. We are still in need of Fosters & Adopters to help in our vacating needs. We are down to 25 dogs who are still in need of forever homes.

Update 7/23/2022

A donor has read of the Waimea shelter plight and is offering to triple match, just $5000 from the community by August 31 2022! Any funds raised by the community will help with vacating costs/needs, finding temporary/permanent fostering & adoption solutions for the animals.

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Contribution by mail

Please make checks payable to Rainbow Friends and mail to:

Rainbow Friends Animal Sanctuary
P.O. Box 1259 kurtistown, Hawaii 96760

The Waimea Shelter Plight

Aloha, greater community of Hamakua/Kohala and the rest of the beautiful island of Hawaii. We are asking for your help relocating and finding positive outcomes for our dogs currently situated at our Rainbow Friends Waimea Shelter next to the Waimea-Kohala Airport.
Our landlord has cut short our lease and we want to honor their decision without delay. Our goal is to relocate all the animals situated at Rainbow Friends Waimea by September 1, 2022. 7 weeks from today – Friday July 8, 2022. Our ducks, rabbits, cats and kittens are already set to move to their new, loving homes. Placing dogs is always a slower process, so we are looking for ‘foster’ homes, ‘adoptive’ homes, transfer and transport to the other Hawaii Islands or the mainland US.
We are also looking for a temporary place to relocate our new ‘Dog Ohana’. We are open to all ideas. Our goal is to set up a freshly minted super-duper scenario for the great dogs in our care. Our computer expert is engaged with getting pictures of our Waimea dogs on the website so you can tune into them here…


We are including what we have experienced with them, any known medical history and our observations of them with humans and other creatures.
Please share and network as much as possible in your neighborhoods and communities. Please contact us through our landline in Kurtistown: 808-982-5110, (not often wo-manned since we are usually out with the animals).


Text 808-343-7338 (hard to hear the phone next to the airport) or by e-mail: maryrose@rainbowfriends.org or mail@rainbowfriends.org (general office e-mail).

Other persons of contact:
Kawelo: 808-493-8305

Mahalo nui in advance for your support
Mary Rose
Rainbow Friends Animal Sanctuary

If you have any other questions, please contact us

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