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09 Jun. 19

“Aging is Not a Disease” How to Provide Care for Senior Dogs Part 1

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“Aging is Not a Disease”

For all dog lovers
A series of free seminars presented by Sabina Wenner, DVM

Sunday, May 5 - Geriatric Overview and What Senior Dogs Need*
Sunday, June 9 - How to Provide Care for Senior Dogs Part 1**
Sunday, July 7 - How to Provide Care for Senior Dogs Part 2***

Su Lin Kennels – 1342A Kilauea Ave., Hilo
4:00 – 5:30 PM

This overview of the dog aging process will answer your many questions.
Sponsored by Rainbow Friends Animal Sanctuary and Grey Muzzle Organization

*Why older dogs slow down, diabetes, early heart disease symptoms, how to asses pain, coughs, wetting the bed, hospice instead of euthanasia, training and mental stimulation, mental and physical support, vitamins and nutraceuticals.
**How to give subcutaneous fluids and injections; tube and other forms of assisted feeding.
***Arthritis overview and home care, massage and physical rehab for injury and arthritis patients, basic principles of chronic kidney disease support, cancer.

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